This is the  second episode of our almost universally disliked webshow, Dick
and Fart Jokes
. In this episode, the only one anybody seems to like,  Mike
decides to get in shape and tries to convince CB to join him.

This is a short film we did for a Youtube contest. We didn't win squat, but we
still had fun making it. The short was written by CB Wilkins, directed by Travis
Jones, and stars Eric Obrynba and CB Wilkins. Hope you like it.
"Baby Survivor"

This is an episode from out webshow Speaking Japanese, a show devoted to
the grind of retail life, and the people who screw around to avoid it.
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JoAnna Lynne photos by Missi Jones Photography.
Hi, we're dropout productions, an independent movie company
based in Norfolk, Virginia. We appreciate you stopping by.
Performance for ZETA - This is a live, acoustic
performance of "The Following" that the boys did for
the girls of Zeta Tau Alpha at East Carolina
University in Greenville, North Carolina.

tsaC adiroIF - This is a commercial the boys did for
their show at Jack Rabbit's.

Hogiementary - This is an in-depth look into the
magical "Hogie Hole".

New York 11/7/07 - This is a documentary (sort of) of
the boys' trip to New York to play The Knitting
Factory in November of 2007.
The Influence - FLUtOob

Our friends in The Influence not only rock, they also make the occasional video.
Check out their
music and their videos.
the daily dropout
Awkward Moments

A web series devised by our own JoAnna Lynne and developed by her, Travis
Jones and CB Wilkins
This is a black and white, neo-noir style short film directed by Travis Jones,
starring JoAnna Lynne and CB Wilkins. Hope you like it.
Check out
the blooper reel for The Coat-Check Girl.
CB has something difficult to tell JoAnna.

"I Thought You Should Know" Part 2
Eric has something difficult to tell CB.
Music video for "This Call" recorded live at Soul Haven Studios in Virginia
Shorty's getting her groove on.
A short film about what to expect when you're not expecting any...ever again. It
stars Eric Obrynba, Adrian Ostolski, and CB Wilkins. It was written by CB
Wilkins and directed by Travis Jones.
A short film set to The Influence's "The Following". It stars Lindsey Addie and
Tim Morris and was directed by Travis Jones.