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Entertainment Junction Commercial.

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The Influence’s “This Call” music video.

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Awkward Moments – “I Thought You Should Know” Part 2

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Blooper Reel

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This is the long awaited (solely by JoAnna) blooper reel for The Coat-Check Girl. It’s pretty long… but worth it to see how JoAnna responds to “ACTION!”.

Slight Return… but not a Voodoo Child

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So... it seems that people like Awkward Moments... which again proves that I don't know what I'm doing. :-) In Awkward Moments news, it appears that an old dropout fav is returning for the second installment, which should appear sometime within ...

Awkward Moments – “I Though You Should Know”

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Below is the first installment of a comedy sketch series that JoAnna came up with titled "Awkward Moments". This first installment is umm... well, weird. Actually, it's kinda creepy. But it is awkward, so what better way to kick off the ...