More Stand-Up, And A Little Bit Of Crouching

I made my fourth attempt at doing stand-up last night at 37th and Zen’s weekly open mic and I think it went pretty well. This is the third week in a row I’ve gone up at 37th and I’ve posted the video each time. I actually went this past Sunday and did a set at an open mic at New Belmont but it was pretty rough. As I found out, apparently New Belmont is a very tough place to do stand-up, people just don’t seem very interested. Consequently, it’s not a great place for a beginner and I didn’t do very well. There’s a video from that performance, but I kind of doubt it will ever be seen. But, here’s the one from last night:

First, we’re back to the fairly poor video quality again. This time my friend Liz taped it for me and I guess she didn’t get a good focus from the start. It didn’t help either that my other friend Ashley was in front of her and the camera was auto-focusing on several things the whole time. But, as I always say, it’s not her camera and she was awesome enough to video it for me so she’s under no obligation to make it perfect. You can hear me and you can see me well enough to get the performance, so if that’s not good enough, well, you’re kind of a jerk.

I’m definitely getting more comfortable on stage; I still feel like I want to throw up before I go on, but that’s getting a little better and at least now when I’m on the stage I feel somewhat comfortable. Anyway, I don’t feel my legs shaking as bad. The last two thirds of this set were mostly what I did on Sunday so it was nice to see they actually are funny and it was the situation on Sunday that hurt me. This is the first time I’ve done something a second time on stage and I definitely see why people do the same jokes again, you get better by doing them repeatedly. Still, I want to make sure I’m doing mostly new stuff as much as I can, if only because it’s forcing me to write and to try to be as fresh and funny as possible. My friend Stephanie, who works at 37th actually thanked me for doing different stuff each week; she said she’s gotten a little tired of hearing the same stuff from the same comedians each week.

And again, as far as the other comedians, those guys are awesome. They’re so inviting and open and supportive and it really makes you want to come back and keep trying.

It’s also worth noting that Travis went up and performed both on Sunday and last night. On Sunday, well, there’s no other way to say it, he was not good. And it wasn’t as much a function of the setting as it was of him forgetting to actually tell any jokes. He did the same stuff last night and actually remembered to tell jokes and it went a lot better. I took a video of his stuff but he’s too much of a wuss to let me put it up. Maybe one day.

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