A selection of websites that should be paying us to advertise for them, but we love them enough to do it for free.

JoAnna Lynne - Check her out on Myspace and buy her EP. Kind of like early Jewel but with a better voice.
The Influence - Check them out on Myspace. Buy their albums. Nothing at all like Jewel, but they're good anyway.
Experiments in Digital - Matt's blog devoted to clown punching. Not really.
Ever-Fixed Mark Designs - Silent P's poor, buy something from her!
JJ Photography - Jennifer and Jason have taken some amazing pictures, especially of the Norfolk Tides.
Shane Hines and The Trance - Nothing at all like Morris Day and The Time.
On the Road with Pat Neshek - Quite possibly the coolest baseball player of all time.
Yahoo - Cause "Yeehaw is just too Southern.
Facebook - We're addicted to it. Check out our group: Speaking Japanese is the Worst Movie Ever!
Old Dominion - This is a good school, why don't you go here?
Norfolk Tides - If it weren't for summer and baseball, we'd have shriveled up and died years ago.
The Cult - We want Chuck Palahniuk to hit us as hard as he can. - If we can ever write one tenth as well as Kurt Vonnegut Jr. we'll be happy forever.
Neil Gaiman - One of the most lyrical and vivid writers in history.
Bret Easton Ellis - Modern dialogue never sounded so perfect.
Michael Chabon - Love stories that aren't, our kind of guy.
Adult Swim - We've been watching since the very first night and we're not stopping any time soon. Bring back Home Movies!
IMDB - Seriously, don't you use this about five times a week?
The Muppets - Our dream job is to be a muppeteer. We miss you Jim, the world has been a lot less magical.
Subway - If you don't like Subway, there's something broken inside you that can't be fixed.
Atlanta Braves - The streak starts anew. Going for 28 straight this time.
Merriam-Webster - We're great writers, but terrible spellers.
Pierce's Pit Bar-B-Que - Quite possibly the greatest thing you can put in your mouth.
CJ Baseball - C.J. Nitkowski is one of the nicest people you could ever want to meet.
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JoAnna Lynne photos by Missi Jones Photography.