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Elided - Youtube's Project Direct submission

This was our submission for Youtube's Project Direct contest related to the movie Juno. It was written by CB
, directed by Travis Jones, and stars Eric Obrynba and CB Wilkins. It didn't win anything, but we still like it.
Juno was an awesome movie so there aren't any hard feelings. Hope you like it.

Contest Submitted Version of Elided                                                                Stills from Elided:

Speaking Japanese by CB Wilkins - A comedy set in a music store.  Unnerving customers disrupt the
employees' days as Andy and Nikki figure out how to deal with their changing relationship.

Future Projects:

Grads (Travis Jones and CB Wilkins) A TV show about a group of graduate students dealing with the world around

Heart Shaped Box (Travis Jones) - David and Lena's long term relationship keeps both content, but their
passion has long ago faded.  That passion is rekindled when they meet Paige, who forces them to question their
coupling and themselves.

Untitled Project (CB Wilkins) A guy recognized a former porn actress in a coffee shop. They start to date.

Untitled Project (Heather Miller) A bunch of scary stuff out in the woods.

Liasons (Travis Jones) The levels of the organized crime hierarchy intertwine and unravel.

Singlularity (Travis Jones) - The quest to jump-start human evolution is far more perilous than even a brilliant
scientist could have ever imagined.

Recognition (Travis Jones) - An ordinary man must deal with extraordinary event and figure out how to gather up
the tattered pieces of his life.

The Most Beautiful Girl (CB Wilkins) - How much of what we see is what's actually happening and how much is
distorted by our perceptions and desires?  

Four-A (CB Wilkins) - Bry "Hummer" James, a Four-A pitcher, too good for the minors, not good enough for the
majors, discovers over the course of a season that even a realized dream can be bittersweet.
All material Copyright 2008 dropout productions.  Send questions and comments to cbwilkins@dropoutproductions.com
Dick and Fart Jokes

This is our improv webshow devoted to crude, base humor.
Throughout the filming of
Speaking Japanese, actor Mike
Radford came up with various suggestions for the movie,
the majority of which writer/co-director
CB Wilkins shot
down, not because they weren't funny, but because they
were what he termed "dick and fart jokes" that didn't really
fit the style of the movie. Well, this show is the place for

All the episodes star Mike Radford and CB Wilkins and
were directed by CB Wilkins.

This was the version of Elided that we actually submitted for the
contest. It's almost two minutes shorter, the sound is so low you can
barely hear it and the color isn't quite as nice. So you can see why we
didn't win.
"Internet Porn"

This is the third episode. In this episode, CB reveals
his love of, well, internet love. (This episode is very
explicit and you probably won't like it so please don't
watch it.
"Starting a Band"

This is the first episode. In this episode, Mike and CB
start a band.

This is the second episode. In this episode, Mike
decides to get in shape and tries to convince CB to
join him.
Noir Shorts
Awkward Moments

Our webshow devoted to, that's right, awkward
moments. Created by JoAnna Lynne, and developed
by Travis Jones and CB Wilkins.

The series stars JoAnna Lynne, Eric Obrynba, and
CB Wilkins, is written by CB Wilkins and directed by
Travis Jones.
"I Thought You Should Know".
CB has something difficult to tell JoAnna.

"I Thought You Should Know" Part 2
Eric has something difficult to tell CB.
"White Girl Rapper"
Shorty's getting her groove on.
The Coat-Check Girl
This is a black and white, neo-noir style short film directed by Travis Jones, starring JoAnna Lynne and CB
Wilkins. Hope you like it.
Check out the blooper reel for The Coat-Check Girl.
Speaking Japanese

Our webshow devoted to the grind of retail life, and the people who screw around to avoid that grind.
"Baby Survivor"

This is a scene from our upcoming movie Speaking Japanese. It's not
an essential scene, so it doesn't give away any of the story, but it's
pretty indicative of the comedy style. Enjoy.


Bloopers 2                                   Bloopers 1

We've got more bloopers than actual material right now.
Anderson Layperson Rehabilitation Center
This is a commercial for the
Anderson Layperson
Rehabilitation center at Old
Dominion University. The
commercial was done as
part of a class project for
Dr. Bridget Anderson's
English 495, Southern and
African American English.