Speaking Japanese

written by CB Wilkins
directed by Travis Jones and CB Wilkins

A comedy set in a music store.  Unnerving
customers disrupt the employees' days as
Andy and Nikki figure out how to deal with their
changing relationship.

Andy - Mike Radford
Nikki - Ashley Skidmore
Jordan -
Sibley Slinkard
Derrick - Eric Obrynba
Martin - Jared Hendrix
Stacey -
Heather Miller
Leslie/CD Girl - Christen DeGroff
Wes - Lee Koontz
Money Stolen Guy/Various - Travis Jones
Friday Morning Porn Guy - Matthew Buckwalter
Angel - Rebecca Curry
Vet - J.C. Douglas
Redneck/various - CB Wilkins
Woman With Question -
Meghan Brown
Price Check Girl - JoAnna Lynne
Diamond Fan/Lea - Laura Vincent
Rude Man - Chad Ward
Movie Question Woman - Cleo Hoyte

Producer - Travis Jones
Editors - Travis Jones and CB Wilkins
Co-executive producers -
PJ, Jake Webb, Katie
Miller, Eric Obrynba
Executive Producer, Chaueffer, Prop Master -
CB Wilkins

Original Music
JoAnna Lynne
dropout productions
All material Copyright 2008 dropout productions.  Send questions and comments to cbwilkins@dropoutproductions.com
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JoAnna Lynne photos by Missi Jones Photography.
"Baby Survivor"

This is a scene from our upcoming movie Speaking Japanese. It's not an
essential scene, so it doesn't give away any of the story, but it's pretty
indicative of the comedy style. Enjoy


This is our second blooper video from our work in progress, Speaking
Japanese. It's just under nine minutes long and, just like the last one, the
quality is terrible and nothing close to what the final movie will look like.

This is a just-over four minute video of bloopers from our first night of
shooting for Speaking Japanese. The quality is terrible and the framing is
nowhere close to what it will be in the final movie, but hey, it's just