dropout productions

The Influence - original music

Virginia Beach's own neo-grunge band featuring Tully
(bass/vocals), John Zontini (guitar/vocals), Matthew
Archer Stephenson (lead vocals), Will Clarke
(guitars/vocals), and Collin Cogan (drums).

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and buy their new album,
Pig Radio.
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Performance for ZETA - This is a live, acoustic
performance of "The Following" that the boys did
for the girls of Zeta Tau Alpha at East Carolina
University in Greenville, North Carolina.

tsaC adiroIF - This is a commercial the boys did for
their show at Jack Rabbit's.

Hogiementary - This is an in-depth look into the
magical "Hogie Hole".

New York 11/7/07 - This is a documentary (sort of)
of the boys' trip to New York to play The Knitting
Factory in November of 2007.
The Influence - FLUtOob

Our friends in The Influence not only rock, they also make the
occasional video. Check out their
music and their videos.